Ying Xu
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Hello, I am Ying 

My name is Ying.​​

I was born in Beijing, China. and grew up there. 
It is a very beautiful city with a long history, which left me very impressive influence that I just realized as I grew up.  I spent my childhood in its situation that the urbanization and construction of high buildings just began while the some kind of wild nature still existed around me. I was exposed to that kind of renovation that led to my special sensitivity of the nature. 
I showed my love to fine arts since my chidhood.  Maybe at that time for me, it was just some happy free drawings. My parents bought me some pencils and a pair of scissors. Since then, I drew something on the paper and then cut them and then pasted them together. I enjoyed doing this the best during my childhodd. And I I still clearly remembered that it was when I was 7 years old that my dad went to abroad for business for longer than half an year. Instead of writing  or anything else, I drew a bird to express my missing for him and sent to him.  

The students are divided into two categories in the high school in China--science and liberal arts. I studied science during my high school which is even not allowed to study the fine arts in university. I chose the landscape architecture which involves the art a lot. 
However, I never stopped my exploration of the fine arts. I took every opportunities to take the drawing and painting class during my undergraduate. And the most important is that I still find that I have stronger passion about the fine arts.  
I exposed myself in more various fields of arts during my graduate study, like the printmaking,  jewelry design, textile design and illustration.  Just work hard and  push myself forward into the exploration of the fine arts.